Chhatrapati Airport Columns Modelling Masterclass

2 hours of mesh-based procedural modelling training focused on edge flow, advanced selections, and artistic control!




What you will gain from this masterclass?

Video Tutorials

Instant access to the entire masterclass presented in real-time with keyboard shortcuts clearly displayed on screen for an easy and fun learning experience.

Practical Masterclasses

You'll be working through a specific exercise and learning a practical, applied workflow, rather than lessons focused on abstract concepts. You'll be actively learning with a concrete example to make sure you understand in a real-life context.

Access to Lesson Files

Both the start and end state Blend files from the session will give you the freedom to experiment, play, and break things knowing that you have a checkpoint to come back to.

Artist Community

When learning with Nodegroup, you have access to a vibrant student and tutor community where you can engage with every lesson to ask questions and share ideas.

Transferable Skills

While these are architectural case-studies, the workflows are applicable to any modelling discipline. These exercises have been specifically picked to cover a wide range of powerful techniques that you can use in all your own projects!

Subtitles and Translations

Every video has subtitles in English as well as auto-translated subtitles in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Hindi, and Portugese.


Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport Columns

Learn how to create stunning, detailed elements with this masterclass focused on the impressive columns of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport.

You'll master production-style workflows to create complex, large-scale assets, design a specific topology flow, control forms with proper edge creases, and develop custom tools and viewers.

This masterclass provides in-depth knowledge on building professional-grade models, and ensures your workflows are streamlined and production-ready.

Join us to transform your approach to 3D modelling, and master the art of proceduralism.



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Meet Your Instructor

Erin is a seasoned procedural artist and Blender instructor, boasting over 15 years of experience with Blender, and 5 years of professional work in crafting procedural solutions for clients of all sizes. They've been immersed in Geometry Nodes since its early days in Blender's alpha versions (2020). Prior to this, they honed their skills with addons like Sverchok and Sorcar, and in creating procedural materials.

Their journey into 3D art and proceduralism started in 2009 with a shader tutorial they released for Blender 2.49. Nowadays, Erin is deeply involved in the Blender world, leading its largest procedural community and sharing their knowledge to help others push their creative boundaries.

Beyond Blender, Erin's interests extend to tools like Houdini, Grasshopper, and Python coding. With a background in cabinet making and interior design, Erin brings a practical perspective to their craft, focused on building interconnected and responsive systems that redefine creativity in the built environment.

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