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Advanced Geometry Nodes for Blender 3.3+

Do you want to take your procedural modelling to the next step? This course is full of knowledge that will take your skills beyond the basics and to the next level.

Focusing on generating your own reusable node groups you’ll not only gain a tonne of knowledge but leave with several Geometry Nodes assets you can use again and again in your projects!

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What our students say

They take their time to explain the math and concepts behind what they're trying to do with nodes. They don't shy from mentioning why they chose to take a particular route while problem solving in nodes. Buying their geometry node course was a no brainer for me, and I would definitely buy any new course of theirs.

-- ck_dum

These are head and shoulders above the norm. They have been immensely helpful in understanding how to use and think about Blender Geometry Nodes. The patient, step by step explanations are wonderful. The material is covered at an understandable pace and logically presented in an engaging, relaxed style. I highly recommend them, they have been well worth it for me.

-- Brian Hanna

When learning something I always try to look at the best, when it comes to proceduralism the answer is always one: Erindale courses.
Clean, precise, interesting, learning along with Erin's lectures feels like having your best friend explaining something to you shoulder to shoulder.

-- Barella

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