Master Procedural Modelling with Geometry Nodes

architecture course geometry nodes Jun 25, 2024

Do you find yourself repeating the same task over and over when modelling assets? Have you tried getting into Geometry Nodes but found it too cumbersome to be useful in real world contexts?

While Blender’s native nodes are incredibly powerful, they can be daunting and complex without proper guidance. Our masterclasses are designed to bridge this gap, providing you with a comprehensive toolkit of production-ready techniques and workflows tailored for modelling in Blender.

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Procedural modelling isn’t just about automating tasks—it’s about opening up new creative possibilities and streamlining your workflow. These masterclasses offer an in-depth exploration of procedural techniques through four unique architectural case studies. I've selected architecture because it offers a fantastic learning opportunity but the actual content of the sessions is focusing in on modelling itself. The skills you’ll gain are versatile and can be applied across various modelling disciplines, whether you’re into character modelling, hard surface design, environmental art, game development, automotive modelling, or beyond.


With each lesson you will have both the start and end state Blend files to give you the freedom to experiment, play, and break things knowing that you have a checkpoint to come back to.

Each lesson has English audio with English subtitles as well as auto-translated French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, and Japanese subtitles.


Here's a breakdown of each class and what skills you'll learn.

  • Use spline-based modelling to create and control intricate forms.
  • Master loops to enhance your control during the building process.
  • Build a custom lattice deform tool to manage your parametric model at a macro scale.
  • Build clean, professional node graphs for streamlined working and collaboration.


  • Follow a production-style workflow to prototype and refactor effectively.
  • Build custom tools tailored to your specific challenges.
  • Make large-scale decisions with free-form control surfaces.
  • Master working with splines in complex scenarios.


  • Combine modifiers, nodes, and manual meshes to create complex models.
  • Learn to define and manage edge flow to produce our target topology.
  • Use subdivision and creases to achieve meticulous control over your model's form.
  • Develop custom tools to debug and refine you setups.


  • Use Signed Distance Functions (SDFs) to create smooth, flowing shapes.
  • Use the new bake node to lock down complex procedural operations.
  • Create node groups that you can reuse to speed up your workflow.
  • Learn advanced techniques for selection and sorting elements within your design.


The skills you'll build across these exercises will give you a huge boost in your modelling toolbox. You'll be able to create larger, more complex, more responsive assets. Proceduralism and parametric design aren't just good for adding a bit of speed, they're also great employability skills and can set you apart and help progress your career!


I'm looking forward to seeing you in class!

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Don't worry, your information will not be shared.