Mastering Simulation Nodes


Bouncing Balls


£35.00 GBP

This course builds a solid foundation for creating simulations inside Geometry Nodes in Blender 3.6LTS.


What's in the Course?


In this course we're going to be jumping into simulating bouncing balls.

Bouncing balls are animation 101 but for us as procedural artists, they are the perfect exercise to lay the foundations of working with simulations. We will cover topics such as applying forces, building collision systems, and enabling interactions between objects within the same geometry.

Once you have a handle on the content of this course, you'll be able to build upon your skills, adding features and constraints to the system however you need.

The possibilities of simulation are endless, and it will greatly enhance your ability to create beautiful and responsive works.

Take this course to learn:

  • The foundations of using Simulations Nodes
  • Implementing collisions and bouncing
  • Implementing interactions between numerous balls
  • Calculate rotations based on the collision impulse
  • Create endless point spawing following a controllable empty
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About the Series


This series is perfect for any artist wanting to add procedural simulation to their technical tool bag.

Learning a new procedural system can be very challenging with limited resources available and a new paradigm to wrap your head around.

This is an opportunity to get ahead as you build a solid foundation for not just creating simulations, but also guiding them with intuitive solutions, optimising them to run faster and smoother, and learning good practice workflows for ensuring your graphs are built to a professional standard.

To get the most out of the course, some familiarity with Geometry Nodes tools and workflows is assumed but even a beginner can follow along. All content is step-by-step, commentated live, with shortcuts displayed on screen. None of the lessons are timelapses.

All videos have closed captions in English and auto-translated into French, Spanish, Portugese, Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese.

Meet Your Instructor

In 2009 Erin released a shader tutorial for Blender 2.49 and the rest, as they say, is history. Now a creative professional using Blender daily and leading the largest procedural Blender community, Erin is passionate about empowering creators with the technical skills required to break through their limits.

They are fascinated with procedural workflows, whether that's in shaders, or modelling with Geometry Nodes or Sverchok, or even outside Blender with Houdini and Grasshopper.

More recently, a foray into scripting with Python and C#. They find the ability to build truly interconnected and reactive systems very exciting, especially coming from a background of built environment as a qualified Cabinet Maker and Interior Designer.

Erin works as a Senior Procedural Artist at Unity Technologies helping to build the future of real-time 3D creation.

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